The Drop Zone Education Program provides support to young people who find engagement in mainstream education difficult. We work with small groups supporting GCSE work, delivery of Functional Skills and preparation for exams. We are delivering a wide range of subjects through NCFE, including Maths, English and ICT, ASDAN, CoPE and a selection of ASDAN short courses.
We tailor provision to meet the needs of our young people with the ultimate goal of reintegration back into mainstream education. Our young people are actively involved in developing their own learning plans which promotes responsibility and organisational skills.
We also offer intensive one to one work with experienced staff for young people who are deemed high risk alongside anger management, self-esteem, confidence building, attendance and engagement. We support young people in developing their own strategies which support successful transitions into adult life.


All delivery staff are degree qualified, have assessing qualifications and have undertaken relevant training in Safeguarding, Health & Safety, First Aid, Challenging Behaviour, Conflict Management and Effective listening and Communication.


Last year we supported 18 young people within our extended education provision. All our key stage 4 young people achieved qualifications in Maths and English, 2 young people gained their level 2 CoPE, 2 Level 1 CoPE and 2 level 1 AoPE. We also delivered a range of accredited short courses which help young people develop life skills. Our young people have also helped submit funding bids,, helped plan and design our new building, developed our planter at the Green Heart Den, undertaken a First Aid course and have taken part in designing and building a range of wooden games with a £1000 donated by ASDAN.. All these support numeracy and literacy skills and give our young people an opportunity to develop essential skills. Being a registered NCFE centre has enabled our young people to work towards, and gain Functional Skills qualifications. When a young person is referred they immediately undertake a skills builder assessment which determines the level they are working so we can tailor their learning to their needs. This also can determine whether young people are displaying any dyslexia or dyscalculia indicators enabling us to provide the correct support.

We continue to facilitate GCSE’s for local schools and have trained, qualified moderators in place. Our young people feel much more at ease doing this in a familiar environment taking away fears of returning to school after being away for periods of time. We are hoping that other schools will see the benefit of this as some young people are intimidated by the examination environment. Over the last 13years we have been able to support young people to achieve accredited outcomes which have enabled them to move on in their lives and become valued members of society.

Educational Partners

The Truck


Both paper based and online testing in Level 1 and Level 2 for Maths, English and ICT.
Learners can sit their external assessments whenever they are ready – no marking windows!
Results will be released 6 working days from the day papers are received at NCFE
Access for all learners to Forskills Initial Assessment and Diagnostic Tools.



CoPE Level 1 & 2
AoPE Level 1 & 2
Short Courses in Career Planning & Work Experience, Activities, Peer Mentoring, Animal Care, Numeracy, Literacy, History, Geography , Sport and Personal Finance.
Every young person builds a portfolio of evidence for which they organize and take responsibility for. They plan their tasks which enables them to identify progression routes for their own learning.

Catering & Events

Personalised Extended Curriculum Standard

Drop Zone Youth Projects holds the PECS (Personalised Extended Curriculum Standard), and this year have been successful in gaining Enhanced status. We support Furness Education Consortium and are avid advocates for the Importance of the work it does and how vital partnership collaboration is within the Furness area. We recognise the importance of having an effective relationship between schools and providers and aim to keep the lines of communication open so we can provide a cohesive service for our young people.